“Whether you like it or not, people are judging you by what you wear.”
“Good grooming depends on your knowledge, not on your budget.”
“No-one is born with style. You acquire it.”

Corporate Etiquette: Julie Matthews Onstage

In 1995, Julie Matthews founded the Australian based publishing company Seashell Publishers, which currently does business in 70 countries.

Julie Matthews has also carved a niche as an international trainer in corporate grooming and international business etiquette.

Julie trains executives from the world’s leading corporations. She has trained thousands of bankers, lawyers, politicians, sales managers, flight attendants, housewives and secretaries in the skills of corporate grooming and business etiquette.

Julie also:

  • founded Australia’s first John Robert Powers Finishing School
  • owned and operated an award winning interior decorating business for 10 years in Australia
  • is a former Australian president of Women Chiefs of Enterprises International
  • was founder of Public Speaking International, Malaysia
  • managed Glaze Advertising agency, Malaysia
  • in 2014 Julie was selected as “a woman of outstanding leadership” by the International Women’s Leadership Association, New York
  • in 2015 was recognized for Excellence in Publishing and Humanitarian Works by the International Women’s Leadership Association, New York.

What People Say About Julie Matthews

“Julie, without your training I would never be where I am today.”

Rachel Sanderson, MP, State Member for Adelaide Shadow Minister for Higher Education and Science

“Julie, you gave me the confidence to aim high. What an honor it has been to experience your training. It has been a life-changing course for me.”

Vicki Vergis, Manager ANZ Bank, Adelaide

“This seminar is a must for every executive.”

John Martin, Chief Manager Commonwealth Bank, North Sydney

“You are a gem in the international business community. I greatly appreciate your dynamism, resourcefulness, charm and your enormous knowledge … we will always remain obliged to you.”

Begum Salma Ahmed, President International Federation of Women Entrepreneurs

“I have the greatest respect for Julie Matthews – a lady who seeks to give people the extra edge. She is all about the pursuit of excellence.”

Jeremy Cordeaux, Managing Director Radio 5AD Broadcasting Co., South Australia

“Thank you once again for speaking at our international conference. Your professionalism helped make the event a huge success. You inspired us all.”

Puan Nor Azizah Borhan, President, USANITA, Malaysia

“Thank you for coming to Hong Kong to launch the CEO Roundtable. You inspired our entrepreneurs with your principles of tenacity, enthusiasm and commitment.”

Anna J. H. Fang, President Hong Kong Association of Business and Professional Women

“Julie has filled a much neglected need in the business world. I have nothing but praise and admiration for her quality product. I highly recommend this seminar.”

Jim Jarvis, Lord Mayor City of Adelaide

“Julie Matthews is a master in her field. A recommended course for everyone.”

Keith Thornton, Chairman Kama Pty Ltd, Marketing Consultants, Victoria

“Your program was fun and exciting, and certainly an eye-opener! Every professional manager should go through this program as part of the overall goal to be successful in one’s career.”

Charisse G. Chuidian, Director of Public Relations Mandarin Oriental, Manila

Contact Julie

+61 740 556 966

Seashell Publishers<br /> PO Box 325, Trinity Beach, Qld 4879, AUSTRALIA

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